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How to Pick the Best Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

by petersellsdc-comOctober 03, 2019

Although it may not seem like it, one of the most important aspects of selling your home in DC and the surrounding areas will be choosing the right agent. By neglecting this critical step, your home-selling experience can be far more frustrating than it needs to be. Here’s how to choose a great listing agent in DC.

Get a Second and Third Opinion on Listing Price

You may have gotten a high listing price from an agent you’re considering, but did they suggest this number because it was realistic? Getting numbers from one or two other agents will help you determine whose number is most realistic. That will be the agent for you.

Find Someone Who Does This Full Time

There are plenty of agents who consider real estate a part-time gig. When you’re selling, agent availability is key for showing your home. As well, a full-time agent knows what’s happening in the market because they’re watching it daily.

Ask for References

The best listing agent for you will have a history of homes they listed and sold. So, why not ask for them? All they can say is no, but the right agent will have no problem giving this kind of information to you, which should include contact numbers for their recent clients. The second half of this is up to you. You will need to contact the agent’s clients and ask them about their experiences with the agent.

Request a Copy of Their Marketing Plan

An experienced real estate agent understands that marketing is the heart of their business. In being able to see their marketing plan, you can know exactly how much of an effort they will put into selling your home. Among the items to look for in their plan are MLS exposure with photos, financing flyers for prospective buyers, targeted digital marketing, and regularly updated data on recent sales, trends, and facts about the neighborhood.

Ask for Details about Commission

Different agents will charge different commissions. As well, some won’t negotiate their commission, but others will. The right agent will give you a quote, and then provide you with a list of all the services they will perform for that price.

Heed Your Instincts

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Knowing what to ask a prospective agent is definitely a good idea. However, remember that you will be in a business relationship with this person for a significant amount of time. That being said, it’s important that you can relate to one another. Your agent will be someone you trust and, to gauge that, simply ask your gut. It will tell you a lot about their suitability to sell your home.

As you can see, choosing a good real estate agent is a very important first step in selling your home. The Ferguson Group specializes in making your home-selling process as seamless and stress-free as possible from start to finish. Contact us today to learn how we put you in the best possible position to sell your home for the highest price: (847) 903-1030.

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