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The Top 11 Home Remodeling Projects to Do Before Selling Your Home

by petersellsdc-comSeptember 02, 2019

The best way to ensure you get the best offers when selling your home is to spend some time before listing your home tackling various home remodeling projects. Certain types of projects can help boost the value of your home. To give you an idea of what renovations your home might require, take a look at these top remodeling projects.

1. Insulation Improvements

Topping off your attic insulation is a quick and easy investment. Many homeowners can do this project on their own, as it only requires placing new insulation on top of the existing insulation.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint in Trendy Colors

Wall color trends change regularly. If you want to attract the most buyers, then painting the rooms in your home in the latest trendy colors can be a good decision.

3. Kitchen Facelift

If you don’t need a full remodel to update your kitchen, a simple facelift is ideal. A facelift is nothing more than changing the colors in the kitchen, maybe installing new countertops, and upgrading your appliances. An easy way to give your cabinets a new look is to paint or re-stain the doors one color and the cabinets another color.

4. Upgrade Lighting

You do not have to replace the light fixtures in your home to upgrade the lighting if they are compatible with eco-friendly and smart LED bulbs. Eco-friendly lighting helps lower energy costs—a plus for prospective buyers.

Smart bulbs sweeten the deal because they allow you to control the brightness levels, set remote times, and access lighting through an app on your smartphone or through a personal assistance device like Alexa.

5. Enclose the Patio

If your patio is not enclosed, consider doing so. A sturdy metal screen enclosure is all that you need. If you want, you can go all-out and install sliding walls or convert the space into a sunroom.

6. Bathroom Facelift

cabinet with sink and mirror

Just like the kitchen, you do not have to do a complete renovation unless yours requires a full makeover. You can give the walls a marbled look using vinyl tiles. For flooring, vinyl in a wood-grain finish can be a good choice.

7. Expand/Add a Deck

If your home already has a deck, consider making it bigger. People like spending time outdoors. The bigger the deck space, the more room they will have to entertain, BBQ, and relax. If you don’t have a deck, add one to the back of your home.

8. Add a Bathroom

If your home is older and only has one or two bathrooms, considering adding another one to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. You can covert a closet or enclose part of a larger room for your new bathroom. While you can do some of the work yourself, make sure to get help from a qualified plumber and electrician with plumbing and wiring.

9. Convert a Room

Another easy project to do is repurposing a room you do not use that often. For instance, you have a living room and a sitting room but rarely use the sitting room. You could convert the sitting room into another bedroom.

10. Upgrade Flooring

Installing new flooring or carpeting is another great project to consider. Just remember to do it last after completing your other projects.

11. Spruce Up the Exterior

There are several exterior projects you may want to complete before listing your home, such as:

  • Power wash the siding on your home to remove dirt and grime.
  • If you have wood siding, give it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Reseal the windows.
  • Paint your doors and shutters a new color.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs.
  • Plant some colorful flowers.
  • Reseal your deck.
  • Repaint your garage door.

If specific things like doors, garage doors, windows, siding, or the roof are older and need replacing, do it before putting the home up for sale.

For more home remodeling projects ideas and to find out how much you can sell your home for in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, please feel free to contact The Ferguson Group at 847-903-1030 to speak to a seller’s agent today!

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